Friday, July 22, 2011

Infinity Loop Neck Wrap by Pinka

Super Soft Infinity Loop Neck Wrap by Pinka (Pinka.Etsy.Com)
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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inspired to be green!

I write when I'm inspired. I'm inspired to be green.
Otherwise, I'm not a big blogger but I want to be only if my time permit me.
I spend most of my time with my very busy 2 years old boy named Jaden.
And I have another boy on the way.

I hope everyone did something good (at least one thing) this month for Earth Day.
I know I did. I know I am and I will.
I plagued to bring reusable bags when I go shopping, not just grocery but also to retail stores.
I'm getting a compost for my trash so I can reduce my weekly trash bags.
I recycle religiously. If only recycling people take all the recyclable materials like they should.
I use reclaim Jeans and fabrics and turn them into usable items such as bags, pillows cases, and wearable such as skirts, aprons, etc.
I try not to buy individually wrap stuff at the grocery store.
I save all my dry good boxes such as cereal, pasta, etc. and use them for packaging for my Etsy stores. And also I don't ship out printed invoice/receive unless my customer requested it.

Friday, October 9, 2009

2nd Annual Holiday Craft Bazaar/Bake Sale

We are having the 2nd Annual Holiday Craft Bazaar on our front lawn. We had such a great time last year that we are having one again this year. We are a group of artists, crafters, friends, and family who gather together for a fun and festive way to show off our works for a good cause.

We have more than enough space to accommodate 20+ 10x10 spaces. We will have multiple sellers of any hand crafted and vintage items. And also Bakers, we're having a Bake Sale as well.
We will ask that instead of charging a fee for the space, sellers give 10% of total sale to cover hosting costs and an optional 10% of sales as a donation to Humane Society.

Email Tina for application request and/or more info. All applications must be submitted and approved by November 22nd. We can send you an email with the day's itinerary along with printable flier so you can start spreading the word about this event.

Please remember, this is the friends and family event being held at a family home.

Come browse, shop, and discover local artists and their handmade crafts.
Love to see everyone there.

Tina (Event Coordinator)

Friday, July 31, 2009

My First Totoro Messenger Bags

Super cute Totoro Bags. I can't resist not sharing this with my friends.
I had a customer who asked me to make her second custom bag for her. The first bag I made for her was long hair orange fake fur with smoke gray fabric messenger bag with matching pouch for computer cords. I also had matching orange strips and orange patch. She design the whole thing and told me specific instruction on how she want the bags. The orange fur bag was a test for me because I never worked with fake fur before. Let just say, by the time I was done with the bags, my studio was cover with orange fuzzes including me.

My customer give me a drawing design for the Totoro bag that she wanted. These Totoro bags are my first using felt and making patches out of them. I love love love making them. It is such a cute character and also I can be so much more creative with my stitches using felt patches. I ended up making multiple different sizes but they are all mini so I will have to make some that fits laptop, books, etc. I would be making more Japanese cartoon character out of felt patches in the future.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Summer Time Scarfs

More of knit scarf in summer colors. I love these things. I wear them everyday. I love the look with a pair of blue jeans and a plain fitted tee to rock these cool summer scarf. They are light, airy, fun accessory and spice up my simple every day outfits. You can wear them once, twice, even three times around your neck. You can also wear them around your waist by full the two loop down from your neck as a waist band/belt. There's some open scarf too that you can just wrap around your neck or your waist. Those one you can also tight and make knots as you please. Possibilities are endless. These scarf are so much.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Surly, a happy accident! I was cleaning my studio and I found several brand new XL t-shirt. And I though to myself, I should make something out of it or give it away to someone who would actually use them. I think when I first bought them, I'm sure I had a plan that I would do something with them. To make the story short, I started playing around and cutting up the t-shirt and I remember seeing someone had made a neck warmer out of them before similar to this. Well, this is my version of it, I guess. I know that my best friend who lives in NYC would love this so I'll be making more of them (different colors and materials) and also to sell them at my etsy shop. Check them out

Monday, March 16, 2009


Warning: I'm a chatter box today.

Some days, don't you feel like you must create something? Or you might bust somehow? Well... I had one of those day, today. Busy as I've always have been, I had the urge to make something, just something, anything at all, even if only take 15 mins. Fortunately, my 14 months old son was behaving and playing by himself so I totally took this opportunity and finally, I had a chance to dig into my a pile of stuff that I have been buying/collecting for my new line of stuff that I have planning to work on them for months. My newly discover talent is catering to rock n' roll, gothic, punky, daring, such as hight style culture crowds (as I stated in my last blog such as singer/actress Courtney Love).

My etsy shop

Any how, I made two types of necklaces. One made from multiple different fiber yarns with leather closure and the other, made from scrap leathers of various shapes and colors, threaded on a cord and tide on the back. I'm super proud of them and I wanted to share this with everyone. Love to hear any input you may have and thanks for reading my blog.