Friday, July 31, 2009

My First Totoro Messenger Bags

Super cute Totoro Bags. I can't resist not sharing this with my friends.
I had a customer who asked me to make her second custom bag for her. The first bag I made for her was long hair orange fake fur with smoke gray fabric messenger bag with matching pouch for computer cords. I also had matching orange strips and orange patch. She design the whole thing and told me specific instruction on how she want the bags. The orange fur bag was a test for me because I never worked with fake fur before. Let just say, by the time I was done with the bags, my studio was cover with orange fuzzes including me.

My customer give me a drawing design for the Totoro bag that she wanted. These Totoro bags are my first using felt and making patches out of them. I love love love making them. It is such a cute character and also I can be so much more creative with my stitches using felt patches. I ended up making multiple different sizes but they are all mini so I will have to make some that fits laptop, books, etc. I would be making more Japanese cartoon character out of felt patches in the future.

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Anonymous said...

love the bag! "come out come out where ever you are!"