Monday, March 16, 2009


Warning: I'm a chatter box today.

Some days, don't you feel like you must create something? Or you might bust somehow? Well... I had one of those day, today. Busy as I've always have been, I had the urge to make something, just something, anything at all, even if only take 15 mins. Fortunately, my 14 months old son was behaving and playing by himself so I totally took this opportunity and finally, I had a chance to dig into my a pile of stuff that I have been buying/collecting for my new line of stuff that I have planning to work on them for months. My newly discover talent is catering to rock n' roll, gothic, punky, daring, such as hight style culture crowds (as I stated in my last blog such as singer/actress Courtney Love).

My etsy shop

Any how, I made two types of necklaces. One made from multiple different fiber yarns with leather closure and the other, made from scrap leathers of various shapes and colors, threaded on a cord and tide on the back. I'm super proud of them and I wanted to share this with everyone. Love to hear any input you may have and thanks for reading my blog.

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