Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Inspired to be green!

I write when I'm inspired. I'm inspired to be green.
Otherwise, I'm not a big blogger but I want to be only if my time permit me.
I spend most of my time with my very busy 2 years old boy named Jaden.
And I have another boy on the way.

I hope everyone did something good (at least one thing) this month for Earth Day.
I know I did. I know I am and I will.
I plagued to bring reusable bags when I go shopping, not just grocery but also to retail stores.
I'm getting a compost for my trash so I can reduce my weekly trash bags.
I recycle religiously. If only recycling people take all the recyclable materials like they should.
I use reclaim Jeans and fabrics and turn them into usable items such as bags, pillows cases, and wearable such as skirts, aprons, etc.
I try not to buy individually wrap stuff at the grocery store.
I save all my dry good boxes such as cereal, pasta, etc. and use them for packaging for my Etsy stores. And also I don't ship out printed invoice/receive unless my customer requested it.

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