Monday, March 16, 2009

Courtney Cuff

Courtney Cuff

Handmade one of a kind cuff
by Bollinger Collection

High Style Fashion Clothing & Accessories

How is all this begin...
I'm a bag designer on etsy for the past two years. (http://pinka.etsy,com) I make custom and one of kind bags. Recently, I sold one of my custom bag to the coolest rocker chick Courtney Love. Mrs. Love has suggested some inspiration designs and left it up to me to design the rest. Which I started to explore the whole new culture, design, style, etc... open some new doors for me to start creating this Bollinger Couture pieces. Thanks a million, Courtney, for enticing me the sparks and being my inspiration.

My partner (Yes, I found a partner in crime) and I specialize in special occasion custom one-of-a-kind clothes, bags, and accessories! We like making things we would use and wear ourselves. We love making each pieces unique as possible. We want to consider our textile pieces as art works (considering, different materials we use are different colors of paint and the under tone material is our canvas and stitches are the binder that seal the painting all together). This is a great venture of us to be able to create something we love and hope everyone love them too. So please, check out my site. It's more to come, this is just the tippy top of our adventure. If you have any suggestions or comments, we would love to hear from everyone about anything. Thanks!

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