Monday, March 2, 2009

Serendipity Square - Second Saturdays Market

Serendipity Square

Second Saturdays Market

At Misty Forest

(612 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, FL 32803)

As many of you know, Misty Forest began one year ago as a place for ideas to grow and community to gather. Starting with a few homeschool classes in the morning, we are now home to an exceptionally successful enrichment program for children of all ages and diverse familes. Our center has thrived within our community, adding two additional buildings that now offer space for theatrical and musical performances as well as hands-on experiences in the arts.

We have been blessed with community interest and support for our vision, and are now well on our way to becoming a one-stop shop for children's development and growth!

Being surrounded by businesses such as The Dandelion Communitea Cafe, The Florida School of Holistic Living, Shine on Yoga, The Little Green Spa, Evolve, The House of Health, Earthy Habitat and others, has been a tremendous blessing. Together, we have recognized our unique passions and found ways to blend our similar commitments to inspire, involve, affirm, affect, contribute and connect with all humankind.

Last spring, Misty Forest was honored to be a part of the Central Florida Earth Day Festival held on our Thornton Avenue block, to which approximately 3,000 people attended. This winter, we were equally proud to be a part of another unique community event: Homegrown for the Holidays. On December 20th, a festival like no other took place in which local artists, businesses, professionals, services, activities, crafters, retailers and well-wishers gathered to connect, network, support and celebrate this holiday season-----as only this block can do!! On this day, Misty Forest became an Enchanted Winter Wonderland: with unexpected magical winter surprises for children and parents around every corner. Kids were inspired as they engaged in self-esteem booster activities, learned to recognize and change their "thought clouds", meet the "Green Santa", create their own gifts for friends and relatives out of recycled objects, made personalized aromatherapy perfumes, mosaic art, pottery and sculpture and many other unique gifts. Well-loved and adored local musicians and childrens' entertainers were there to share and show their support for this day.

It was quite a day! And yet just another example of how much the Orlando community believes in and supports local artists, musicians and businesses.

Because no one ever wants these events to end, we've decided to make it happen again...and again...and again!

You are invited to join us on the 2nd Saturday of each month to continue to share your unique crafts, arts and talents at what will now become the only monthly arts and local business expo/market in the Mills Fifty District. The growing success of each past community event on our block shows that the seeds have been planted---now lets watch them bloom!

Misty Forest is thrilled to have Angela Ramos and Elena Kegler as coordinators for this unique event. Together, they blend their talent as artists with their extensive experience in the production and management of various well known street fairs, markets, co-ops and similar venues and events throughout the New York City and Los Angeles area. Their combined background and expertise in successfully organizing such events promises to be an incredible asset to our community.

Many of you have been invloved as vendors on our block's events. Some of you have thought about it. Most of you have heard about it. And now all of you are invited to come be come be a part of something new and exciting...

Come join Serendipity Square!

612 N Thornton Ave, Orlando, FL 32803

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